Commit 14d92928 authored by Enrico Scholz's avatar Enrico Scholz

updated submodules

* sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.core 7c79a0e...e3197a6 (34):
  > Merge branch 'master-next' into warrior-next
  > Merge branch 'master' into warrior-next
  > packagroup-ci: added tests for our changes
  > qemu: backported upstream fix
  > Merge branch 'master' into warrior-next
  < Merge branch 'master'
  < Merge branch 'master' into sumo-next
  > Merge branch 'master' into warrior-next
  < Merge branch 'master' into sumo-next
  > Merge branch 'master' into warrior-next
  < layer: removed duplicate LAYERSERIES_COMPAT entry
  < Merge branch 'master' into sumo-next
  > Merge branch 'master' into warrior-next
  < Merge branch 'master-next' into sumo-next
  > Merge branch 'master-next' into warrior-next
  < Merge branch 'master-next' into sumo-next
  > packagegroup-ci: do not build valgrind
  > valgrind: removed patch; applied in oe already
  > Revert "systemd: updated"
  > Revert "valgrind: removed fix"

* sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016-mx8m 0e3fe04...a32b3ad (44):
  > u-boot: fixed build
  > fixup! u-boot: refactored
  > fixup! kernel: refactored
  > dtree: added fsl,mipi-mode
  > dtree: cleaned up + use 2nd mipi cam
  > machine: use -phy variants of u-boot + linux
  > machine: removed u-boot setup
  > layer: minor reformatting
  > layer: added dynamic-fsl/ sublayer
  > dynamic-fsl: initial checkin
  > meta-devel: kernel: applied changed naming
  > meta-devel: u-boot: applied changed naming
  > moved COMPATIBLE_MACHINE and related code into -compat dir
  > u-boot: refactored
  > kernel: refactored
  > kmod-imx-gpu: build it
  > imx-boot: refactored
  > firmware-imx: refactored
  > imx-boot: refactored
  > imx-gpu-viv: refactored

* sources/meta-freescale ad77ed4e...89de1237 (15):
  > linux-fslc-lts: upgrade 4.19.56 -> 4.19.66
  > linux-fslc-lts: upgrade 4.19.50 -> 4.19.56
  > linux-fslc-lts: Bump revision to 55fcc545ad14
  > linux-fslc-lts: remove orphaned patch
  > linux-fslc-lts-4.19: upgrade 4.19.44 -> 4.19.45
  > linux-fslc(-lts-4.19): add USB_PRINTER and USB_SERIAL_PL2303 to defconfig
  > linux-fslc(-lts-4.19): Fix menuconfig
  > linux-fslc-lts-4.19: initial add
  > Fix WKS_FILE to use files with .in extension
  > wic: Fix image generation for i.MX with SPL and U-Boot
  > u-boot-fslc: Update to version 2019.07
  > atf: Fix the build on machines that don't support UEFI
  > mx8mm: use cortexa53-crypto tune for imx8m mini per default
  > qoriq-base: Use the same provider for u-boot and u-boot-fw-utils
  > u-boot-qoriq-fw-utils: Update to 2018.09 to fix the build

* sources/meta-openembedded 8760facba...8d5dcd652 (2157):
  > turbostat: copy bits.h from kernel to turbostat
  > netkit-telnet: add rconflicts
  > uthash: do not use unstable github archive tarballs
  > crash: do not use unstable github archive tarballs
  > leptonica: fix SRC_URI
  > libmikmod: fix SRC_URI
  > mariadb: Upgrade to 10.3.15
  > polkit: fix CVE-2019-6133
  > ttf-mplus, ttf-vlgothic: add ttf-mplus license
  > hunspell: use git fetcher instead of github archive
  > ne10, libopus: add armv7ve override as well
  > ccid: fix SRC_URI
  > libvncserver: set PV in the recipe
  > igmpproxy: remove 0001-src-igmpproxy.h-Include-sys-types.h-for-u_short-u_in.patch and _GNU_SOURCE
  > opencv: use the same package name in PACKAGES and RDEPENDS
  > fix DEPENDS
  > triggerhappy: fix issues
  > mscgen: fix SRC_URI for multilib
  > umip: make MACHINE_ARCH
  > gtkwave: add distro_features_check

* sources/meta-phytec 8653bb16...594e5c6a (277):
  > gstreamer-plugins-bad: Enable wayland plugin
  > recipes-kernel: Update linux-mainline_4.9.98-phy5 to *-phy6
  > imx-kobs: reorder flash order to be power cut tolerant
  > machine: Add phyflex-imx6-11
  > linux-mainline: imx6: Update recipe version to v4.14.134-phy1
  > barebox: imx6: Update recipe version to v2017.12.0-phy4
  > barebox_2017.12.0-phy3: Add upstream commit
  > bbu: check release from barebox images
  > recipes-bsp: imx-kobs: clean up output
  > machine: phycore-rk3288-4: remove unsupported image
  > kernel: linux-mainline: imx6: Update recipe version to v4.14.126-phy1
  > kernel/barebox/u-boot: Fix COMPATIBLE_MACHINE expressions
  > Replace 2nd maintainer s/Wadim Egorov/Norbert Wesp
  > barebox: imx6: Don't use wildcards in RAUC init scripts
  > wic: Add WIC kickstarter file for imx8 SD card image
  > classes: wic-helper: Add helper class for imx8 boards
  > wic: Add WIC kickstarter file for imx8mq SD card image
  > barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy4
  > barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy3
  > linux-dummy.bbappend: remove append

* sources/meta-qt5 d4e7f73...2a5f941 (188):
  > qtbase: fix build with gcc-9
  > qtlocation: add PACKAGECONFIGs for geoservices
  > qmake5_base.bbclass: Don't expand find -name search patterns
  > qt3d-runtime: update to v2.3
  > qtbase: add no-opengl to PACKAGECONFIG_GL when opengl isn't in DISTRO_FEATURES
  > qtbase: add accessibility from PACKAGECONFIG_KDE to PACKAGECONFIG_DEFAULT
  > qtbase: add libxext dependency for xcb PACKAGECONFIG
  > python-pyqt5: Update to version 5.12.1.
  > python-pyqt: Fix annoying problems.
  > qtwebengine: arm: use OE specified -mcpu option
  > qtbase-tools: Fix error during pkg_postinst
  > qtwebengine: restore the fix for build with clang/libc++ on aarch64/arm
  > qt5: update SRCREVs after v5.12.3 tags were downmerged to 5.12 branch
  > qtwayland: check also that the destination for private headers exists before installing them
  > qtwayland: improve manual header installation
  > qtwayland: workaround upstream bug: install missing headers manually
  > qtwayland: disable gold for all archs like in qtbase
  > qt5: upgrade to 5.12.3
  > qtbase: disable gold for all archs not just x86
  > qtbase-native: use QT_CONFIG_FLAGS variable like qtbase and nativesdk-qtbase

* sources/meta-yogurt fa82061...76632c4 (187):
  > packagegroup-hwtools: add kmsxx
  > kmsxx: update to fix build issue
  > Revert "layer: add rust 1.32"
  > recipes-core: iotedge-daemon: Disable systemd service
  > recipes-core: Remove iotedge
  > recipes-core: iotedge-daemon: Disable systemd service
  > phytec-initramfs-image: remove busybox-initramfs dependency
  < conf: disto: Add distro version for i.MX8
  < Replace 2nd maintainer s/Wadim Egorov/Norbert Wesp
  > Replace 2nd maintainer s/Wadim Egorov/Norbert Wesp
  < core: rauc: Add dummy system_emmc.conf for i.MX8
  < distro: yogurt-vendor: add BBMASK for i.MX8
  > phytec-qtdemo: Update to v1.4 with latest commit
  > packagegroup-hwtools: Add phytool
  < packagegroup-hwtools: Add phytool
  < distro: Update AM335x DISTRO_VERSION
  < phytec-qtdemo: Update to v1.4 with latest commit
  > set BSP version for warrior branch
  > gitignore: add pycache
  > app-container: aidemo-customvision-model

* sources/poky 5ddf7fff99...01b8a8b54b (5292):
  > curl: fix CVE-2019-5435 CVE-2019-5436
  > python3: fix CVE-2018-20852 CVE-2019-9636
  > bzip2: fix CVE-2019-12900
  > wget: fix CVE-2019-5953
  > gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: fix CVE-2019-9928
  > vim: fix CVE-2019-12735
  > expat: fix CVE-2018-20843
  > poky.ent: Updated release date to July 2019
  > ref-manual: Fixed typo for BBMULTICONFIG variable.
  > Documentation: Prepared for 2.7.1 release
  > overview-manual: Updated manual history table.
  > build-appliance-image: Update to warrior head revision
  > poky.conf: Bump version for 2.7.1 warrior release
  > gpg_sign/selftest: Fix secmem parameter handling
  > wpa-supplicant: Fix CVE-2019-9494 CVE-2019-9495 CVE-2019-9496 CVE-2019-9497 CVE-2019-9498 CVE-2019-9499 CVE-2019-11555
  > package.bbclass: Clean up writing of runtime pkgdata files
  > texinfo-dummy-native: Rewrite to use argparse
  > texinfo-dummy-native: A little clean up of
  > libxslt: Fix CVE-2019-11068
  > uninative: Update to 2.6 release
parent a9107cdd
Subproject commit 7c79a0e1b75e4bcd327df176390eb8297745e680
Subproject commit e3197a6549b4708b559d611b81be1e711ff8d6c8
Subproject commit 0e3fe044f5686a9b52d88dc8b8902531e75e5939
Subproject commit a32b3ad392aaa78f245ec98c541e8efbc1c426c3
Subproject commit ad77ed4e5b6370abc1bc7813684b1808a5c18185
Subproject commit 89de1237e805280e901daa1be4ff3413fb687cd3
Subproject commit 8760facba1bceb299b3613b8955621ddaa3d4c3f
Subproject commit 8d5dcd6522e9d15e68637b6d7dda0401f9bb91d0
meta-phytec @ 594e5c6a
Subproject commit 8653bb16e6f0592dde89c37d19c10a8bea663774
Subproject commit 594e5c6ab568f61b846195ca1274cd87019a2dcb
Subproject commit d4e7f73d04e8448d326b6f89908701e304e37d65
Subproject commit 2a5f9415e48a38f6f4eb0cf375737a2d8438e2fe
meta-yogurt @ 76632c44
Subproject commit fa8206164b249c3587ea3d3e2c32038bf5514286
Subproject commit 76632c4491b2d2365436381814450841019e4192
poky @ 01b8a8b5
Subproject commit 5ddf7fff992b065ee512878d2fe65f3e35d818cf
Subproject commit 01b8a8b54bc569e5ef3f5e6fc6abcee365ab25d9
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