Commit 89a5b33a authored by Enrico Scholz's avatar Enrico Scholz

updated submodules

* sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.core 6c1e2ec...5c41f88 (21):
  > Merge ../master into morty-next
  > elito-decode: synchronized with master
  > elito-emit-buildvars: synchronized with master
  > Merge branch 'master' into morty-next
  > nfs: backported from warrior
  > builvars: added scripts
  > elito-uridecode.bbclass: backported from warrior
  > elito-devicetree: allow to set DTC_CPPFLAGS
  > elito-devicetree: enhanced VPATH build capabilities
  > elito-devicetree-tools: allow to set extra search paths
  > elito-devicetree-tools: removed redundant DTC_CPPFLAGS setup
  > elito-devicetree: splitted out KERNEL_DTREE_DIR
  > elito-devicetree: clean ${DEPLOY_DIR}
  > elito-device-tree: removed redundant KERNEL_DIR setup
  > elito-devicetree: made it compatible with iMX7
  > elito-devicetree: ensure that kernel has been extracted
  < rescue-image: calculate SERIAL_CONSOLE when not set
  > backported
  > elito-kconfig: backported
  > elito-image: backported
  > elito-emit-buildvars: backported

* sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016-mx8m a60a1fd...f5cfd71 (17):
  > elito-devicetree: install dtb as ${MACHINE}.dtb
  > elito-devicetree: take MACHINE_DTS_NAME from the outside
  > vm016-mx8m-test: updated
  > u-boot: workaround build problems
  > i2c-tools: added newer version
  > imx-gpu-viv: replaced dependency on kernel module
  > kernel: added patch to lower CAAM debug message severity
  > kernel: added patchset + setup
  > kernel: added some imx8 setup
  > imx-base: whiteslist (expensive) deps on virtual/kernel
  > image: install kernel modules
  > image: install correct dtb file
  > image: added elito-decode-definitions
  > image: set IMAGE_FSTYPES
  > imx-sdcard-hack.bbclass: initial checkin
  > elito-decode-definitions: added local setup
  < image: set IMAGE_FSTYPES

* sources/meta-openembedded b40116cf4...997caf914 (15):
  > dnsmasq: backport CVE fixes from dnsmasq 2.78
  > wireshark: Update Package to 2.2.12
  > wireshark: Update to 2.2.11
  > wireshark: update to 2.2.10
  > wireshark: update to 2.2.9
  > wireshark: 2.2.7 -> 2.2.8
  > wireshark: Upgrade to 2.2.7
  > wireshark: update to 2.2.6
  > wireshark: update to 2.2.5
  > hostapd: fix WPA2 key replay security bug
  > mariadb: Do not use ucontext_* APIs with musl
  > luajit: mips and mipsel are 32bit targets too
  > opensaf: fix QA Issue
  > lftp: change SRC_URI source
  > poco: make cmake packages relocatable

* sources/poky 8298428c03...e56be3cee5 (143):
  > bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Added "usehead" parameter.
  > documentation: Updated release date to July 2018
  > bitbake: fetch2: fix import error for Python 3.6.5
  > documentation: Updated manual revision tables with 2.2.4 release date
  > documentation: Updated title page notes.
  > build-appliance-image: Update to morty head revision
  > poky: Bump distro version to 2.2.4
  > ruby: Update to 2.4.4
  > ruby: fix typo in gmp PACKAGECONFIG option
  > ruby: remove spurious db build dependency
  > remove /sysroots* between component builds
  > Replace MACHINE_ARCH only at the beginning and separated with dash
  > Extend the whitelist
  > byacc: Fic SRC_URI to use yocto sources loc.
  > oe-selftest: no need to parse gpg output to determine the name of the signing key
  > libmpc: fix SRC_URI
  > sanity.bbclass: Improved error message
  > libvorbis: CVE-2018-5146
  > libvorbis: CVE-2017-14632
  > libvorbis: CVE-2017-14633
  > package_manager: fix install_glob to use morty sdk pkgdir
  > glibc-package: Avoid race sstate races with do_stash_locale
  > image/packagegroup/populate_sdk: Drop do_populate_sysroot task properly
  > toolchain-shar-extract: compare SDK and host gcc versions
  > populate_sdk_base.bbclass: add documentation packages to SDKs if api-documentation is in DISTRO_FEATURES
  > sdk: streamline locale removal
  > sdk: generate locale archive and remove packages
  > distcc: Change SRC_URI
  > buildhistory: fix latest_srcrev in the common case
  > selftest/signing: add --batch to gpg invocation when importing keys
  > grub-efi: fix build failure
  > lib/oe/ use an absolute path to execute oe-gnome-terminal-phonehome
  > e2fsprogs: fix compatibility with glibc 2.27
  > qemu: fix memfd_create with glibc 2.27
  > libc-package.bbclass: split binary localedata even more if asked to
  > glibc: Separate locale files to their own sstate task
  > avoid duplicate packages
  > fix typo in comment
  > archiver: avoid archiving source for glibc-locale
  > cross-localedef-native: add way to specify which locale archive to write
  > populate_sdk_base: depend on nativesdk-glibc-locale
  > populate_sdk: install UTF-8 locales in SDKs
  > sdk: only install locales if we're using glibc
  > sdk: install specified locales into SDK
  > package-manager: add install_glob()
  > package_manager: improve install_complementary
  > package_manager: flush installed_pkgs file before oe-pkgdata-util uses it
  > package_manager: don't race on a file when installing complementary packages
  > lib/oe/package_manager/sdk: Ensure do_populate_sdk_ext and do_populate_sdk repos don't conflict
  > lib/oe/package_manager: bail if createrepo can't be found
  > package_manager: remove strings and migrate to direct arrays
  > lib/oe/package_manager: .deb pre/postinst args
  > glibc: relocate locale paths in nativesdk
  > glibc: don't use host locales in nativesdk
  > default-distrovars: don't rename locales for nativesdk
  > linux-firmware: Add reference to iwlwifi-8000C firmware
  > linux-yocto-rt/4.1: update to include spectre fixes
  > linux-yocto/4.1: updated to include spectre fixes
  > linux-yocto-tiny/4.1: update with spectre fixes
  > linux-yocto-tiny/4.1: update to 4.1.49 plus meltdown
  > linux-yocto-rt/4.1: update to 4.1.49 plus meltdown
  > linux-yocto/4.1: update to 4.1.49 plus meltdown
  > blacklist portmap on musl
  > uninative: Add compatiblity version check
  > yocto-uninative: Upgrade to 1.8 version with glibc 2.27
  > unfs3: Fix libtirpc usage for unfs3-native version
  > unfs3: Fix build with musl
  > libtirpc: Extend to native and nativesdk recipes
  > libtirpc: stop dropping in NIS headers
  > libtirpc: upgrade to 1.0.2
  > libtirpc: Fix CVE-2017-8779
  > libtirpc: Fix build error due to missing stdint.h> include
  > libtirpc: Enable des APIs for musl
  > libtirpc: Expose key_secretkey_is_set API
  > libtirpc: Backport fixes from 1.0.2rc3
  > gcc: Remove patch causing ICE on x86_64 valgrind compile
  > gcc6: Backport few more patches
  > gcc6: enable FL_LPAE flag for armv7ve cores
  > gcc6: Fix unaligned STRD issue on ARM
  > gcc6: Upgrade to 6.4
  > gcc: Fix libssh_nonshared linker specs for ppc/musl
  > gcc: Link libssp_nonshared.a only on musl targets
  > gcc-runtime: Disable libitm on riscv
  > gcc-6.3: Backport patch to fix ICE on ARM
  > Use ucontext_t not struct ucontext.
  > gcc: Remove unused patch
  > gcc: Fix CVE-2016-6131 in libiberty
  > gcc-6: Add fix for missing no-PIE flags
  > gcc-6: Sync gcc stddef.h with musl stddef.h
  > gcc6: Upgrade to 6.3.0
  > buildstats.bbclass: Avoid index exception in /proc/PID/io parsing
  > Fix native build on distro with kernel < 3.4.17
  > bitbake: providers: Fix determinism issue
  > p11-kit: take source code from official git
  > ruby: update to 2.4.3
  > insane: consider INSANE_SKIP without package-specifier too
  > portmaper: checkuri fails.
  > gnu-efi: Fix build with gcc7
  > linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.113
  > linux-yocto/4.4: update to 4.4.99
  > linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.93
  > tzdata: update to 2018c
  > tzcode: update to 2018c
  > tzdata: update 2017c
  > tzcode-native: update to 2017c
  > tzcode-native: quote ${CC}
  > tzdata: Install
  > tzdata: update to 2017b
  > tzcode: update to 2017b
  > linux-firmware: Bump to bf04291 revision
  > linux-firmware: Split out the QAT firmware
  > linux-firmware: make i.MX SDMA split complete
  > linux-firmware: Split i.MX SDMA firmwares
  > linux-firmware: package Broadcom BCM43362 firmware
  > linux-firmware: bump to latest linux-firmware git revision
  > linux-firmware: package Marvell PCIe WiFi firmwares
  > linux-firmware: package ibt-firmware
  > linux-firmware: package iwlfifi-3160-[10-17] firmware
  > linux-firmware: add support for mt7601u WiFi chip
  > linux-firmware: package Qualcomm QCA firmware
  > linux-firmware: enable netronome firmware
  > linux-firmware: Remove iwlwifi-8000C-19 SRC_URI
  > linux-firmware: Avoid a dependency on python-core
  > linux-firmware: Fix build failure when update SRCREV to latest HEAD
  > linux-firmware: Set the license for carl9170 to GPLv2
  > linux-firmware: update to revision a4dde74b
  > firmware: use ${nonarch_base_libdir} for firmware installation.
  > firmware: use ${nonarch_base_libdir} for firmware installation.
  > linux-firmware: Add Marvell sd88xx WiFi firmwares
  > linux-firmware: relocate ath9k_htc blobs to correct package
  > Revert "linux-firmware: Modify firmware installation path"
  > linux-firmware: Modify firmware installation path
  > linux-firmware: remove alternatives for brcmfmac-stdio.bin
  > linux-firmware: Split out Realtek chipsets rtl8188 rtl8723 rtl8821
  > pax-utils: update SRC_URI
  > documentation: Updated manual revision table for 2.2.4 release date
  > dev-manual: Fixed variable link to DEFAULTTUNE variable
  > documentation: Prepared for a 2.2.4 point release
  > ref-manual, yocto-project-qs, poky.ent: Fixed CentOS package
  > populate_sdk_ext: Set cleandirs correctly
  > lib/oe/package_manager/sdk: Ensure do_populate_sdk_ext and do_populate_sdk repos don't conflict
  > image: Fix previous broken commit to set expand parameter to getVar
  > image: Expand PV to avoid AUTOREV parsing failures
parent 5dfdcac8
Subproject commit 6c1e2ec9653e04a701dd2af63c8ad1d7a5ea28e5
Subproject commit 5c41f88c0f13c137bf0e97c7da90dfd8ab6177b9
Subproject commit a60a1fdfa429c7d2c7f1d78da7af7aea64e6689c
Subproject commit f5cfd71962e0d925b104ce2345069984b83f6f59
Subproject commit b40116cf457b88a2db14b86fda9627fb34d56ae6
Subproject commit 997caf9146cd3797cd054e2adebd1fbb4df91911
poky @ e56be3ce
Subproject commit 8298428c032ec9bc5b514d0c194a16cf371475ea
Subproject commit e56be3cee517c5262486136dbd6d649b68c3a8b7
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