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    updated submodules · 5ac8490b
    Enrico Scholz authored
    * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.core 94580e6...0ba0518 (11):
      > systemd: updated
      > sstate: do not upload SRC_URI files from earlier sessions
      > sstate: store bitbake start time
      > ci: run sstate-check
      > sstate: remove session info on 'session-close'
      > sstate: added 'sstate-session-try' target
      > sstate: give out sstate-server uri
      > sstate: added and use 'sstate-check' target
      > elito-devicetree: fixed piping to stderr
      > u-boot: added 2020.01
      > kernel: updated
    * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016-mx8m 1f9b77d...c8c4e83 (5):
      > kernel: updated onsemi patch
      > dtree: updated _scratch.mk
      > vm016-mx8m-test: updated to 30b4cb8
      > gstreamer: blacklist 1.16 recipes
      > kernel: updated onsemi patch
    * sources/meta-freescale 0be39721...0eb21f9d (16):
      > pktgen-dpdk: Remove redundant EXTRA_CFLAGS settings
      > udev-rules-qoriq: add 73-fsl-enetc-networking.rules to qoriq-arm64
      > libpkcs11: install all app
      > ls1021atwr: update UBOOT_CONFIG
      > tsntool: do configure task depends on do_shared_workdir task
      > ls1028ardb: update machine config *set default rcw to rcw_1500_gpu600
      > ddr-phy: remove fsl-eula-unpack class
      > mc: remove fsl-eula-unpack class
      > uefi: remove fsl-eula-unpack class
      > ppfe-firmware: remove fsl-eula-unpack class
      > fm-ucode: remove fsl-eula-unpack class
      > qe-ucode: remove fsl-eula-unpack class
      > ls2-phy: remove fsl-eula-unpack class
      > inphi: remove fsl-eula-unpack class
      > linux-fslc-lts-4.19: Add CONFIG_USER_NS
      > optee-os_3.2.0: change PLATFORM_FLAVOR for imx6ulz14x14evk
    * sources/meta-phytec 54444397...28c37d32 (8):
      > u-boot-imx: imx8m: Update recipe version to v2018.03-phy4
      > machine: phyboard-polis-imx8mm-2: Add machine
      > machine: phyboard-polis-imx8mm-1: Set to deprecated
      > recipes-kernel: perf: disable scripting PACKAGECONFIG
      > machine: phyimx8.inc: add specific WKS_FILES for mx8m machines
      > recipes-bsp: u-boot: update bbappend to match new version
      > conf: local.conf.sample: fix typo
      > recipes-graphics: xorg-xserver: Make xserver build even without glx
    * sources/meta-qt5 432ad2a...a582fd4 (25):
      > nativesdk-packagegroup: fix cmake builds using sdk
      > Revert "recipes: Use features_check instead of distro_features_check"
      > qtbase: Fix patch fuzz detected with devtool
      > qtbase: Backport the patch from upstream gerrit
      > qt5-creator: Update musl patch to link qmldesigner with -lexecinfo
      > qtwebengine: Move CharAllocator definition to header
      > qt5-creator: Add missing dep on libz.so
      > qt5-creator: Make clang-format patch work with multiple clang versions
      > qtwebengine: Include cstddef for size_t definition
      > qmllive: Fix build with multilib settings
      > quazip: Fix multilib builds
      > qtwebkit: Fix linking errors on clang/mips/ppc
      > ogl-runtime: Only compile for supported architectures
      > qttools: Add option to disable qdoc
      > qttools: Use CONFIG+=disable_external_rpath
      > packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-target: Make machine specific
      > recipes: Disable clang dependent recipes for riscv64/32
      > qtwebengine: Fix build with 64bit time_t on 32bit architectures
      > qtwebkit: add missing flex-native dep
      > qt5-creator, qtbase: Replace python with python3
    * sources/meta-yogurt 1383df1...92d5d06 (11):
      > mx8: phytec-qtdemo.service: remove not needed detach/reattach of fb0
      > phytec-qtdemo: add systemd-service for mx8 machines
      > qtLauncher: add env variable for use with wayland
      > phytec-qtdemo: update to v1.5
      > rauc: set default config
      > recipes-multimedia: Update phytec-gstreamer-examples-imx8m
      > recipes-examples: Update phytec-v4l2-c-examples-imx8m
      > distro: set PREFERRED_VERSION for gstreamer
      > qtbase: refactor configuration settings
      > gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: add zbar and opencv to PACKAGECONFIG
      > packagegroup-gstreamer: remove duplicated plugins-base
    * sources/poky 0dc56663c6...cf92a2d567 (53):
      > bitbake: cache: Lower debug level for wold build messages
      > bitbake: siggen: Test extra cross/native hashserv method
      > bitbake: runqueue: Fix task dependency corner case in sanity test
      > bitbake: runqueue: Ensure task dependencies are run correctly
      > bitbake: runqueue: Fix equiv hash handling build failures
      > bitbake: prserv/serv: Use with while reading pidfile
      > bitbake: lib/bb: Add BB_SIGNATURE_LOCAL_DIRS_EXCLUDE to speed-up taskhash on directories
      > bitbake: lib/bb: Optimise out debug messages from cooker
      > bitbake: runqueue: Only call into the migrations function if migrations active
      > bitbake: runqueue: Optimise task filtering
      > bitbake: runqueue: Optimise out pointless loop iteration
      > bitbake: runqueue: Optimise task migration code slightly
      > bitbake: runqueue: Fix sstate task iteration performance
      > bitbake: siggen: Split get_tashhash for performance
      > bitbake: runqueue: Fix task mismatch failures from incorrect logic
      > bitbake: runqueue: Rework process_possible_migrations() to improve performance
      > bitbake: bb.utils.fileslocked: don't leak files if yield throws
      > bitbake: siggen: Fix performance issue in get_unihash
      > bitbake: runqueue: Batch scenequeue updates
      > bitbake: siggen: Ensure new unihash propagates through the system
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ BBLAYERS += "${BSPDIR}/sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016-mx8m"
BBMASK += "(meta-phytec/recipes-graphics/eglinfo/eglinfo-fb_%.bbappend)"
BBMASK += "(meta-phytec/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot_2019.10.bbappend)"
BBMASK += "(meta-phytec/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot_2020.01.bbappend)"
HOSTNAME := "${@bb.process.run('hostname')[0].strip()}"
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