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      scripts: add Linux .cocciconfig for coccinelle · dd951fc1
      Luis R. Rodriguez authored
      Coccinelle supports reading .cocciconfig, the order of precedence for
      variables for .cocciconfig is as follows:
       o Your current user's home directory is processed first
       o Your directory from which spatch is called is processed next
       o The directory provided with the --dir option is processed last, if used
      Since coccicheck runs through make, it naturally runs from the kernel
      proper dir, as such the second rule above would be implied for picking up a
      .cocciconfig when using 'make coccicheck'.
      'make coccicheck' also supports using M= targets.If you do not supply
      any M= target, it is assumed you want to target the entire kernel.
      The kernel coccicheck script has:
          if [ "$KBUILD_EXTMOD" = "" ] ; then
              OPTIONS="--dir $srctree $COCCIINCLUDE"
      KBUILD_EXTMOD is set when an explicit target with M= is used. For both cases
      the spatch --dir argument is used, as such third rule applies when
      whether M= is used or not, and when M= is used the target directory can
      have its own .cocciconfig file. When M= is not passed as an argument to
      coccicheck the target directory is the same as the directory from where
      spatch was called.
      If not using the kernel's coccicheck target, keep the above precedence order
      logic of .cocciconfig reading. If using the kernel's coccicheck target,
      override any of the kernel's .coccicheck's settings using SPFLAGS.
      We help Coccinelle when used against Linux with a set of sensible defaults
      options for Linux with our own Linux .cocciconfig. This hints to coccinelle
      git can be used for 'git grep' queries over coccigrep. A timeout of 200
      seconds should suffice for now.
      The options picked up by coccinelle when reading a .cocciconfig do not appear
      as arguments to spatch processes running on your system, to confirm what
      options will be used by Coccinelle run:
        spatch --print-options-only
      You can override with your own preferred index option by using SPFLAGS.
      Coccinelle supports both glimpse and idutils. Glimpse had historically
      provided the best performance, however recent benchmarks reveal idutils
      is performing just as well. Due to some recent fixes however you however
      will need at least coccinelle >= 1.0.6 if using idutils.
      Coccinelle carries a script scripts/idutils_index.sh which creates the
      idutils database with as follows:
          mkid -i C --output .id-utils.index
      If using just "--use-idutils" coccinelle expects your idutils database to be
      on the top level of the kernel as a file named ".id-utils.index". If you do
      not use this you can symlink your database file to it, or you can specify the
      database file following the "--use-idutils" argument. Examples:
          make SPFLAGS=--use-idutils coccicheck
      This assumes you have $srctree/.id-utils.index, where $srctree is
      the top level of the kernel.
          make SPFLAGS="--use-idutils /full-path/to/ID" coccicheck
      Here you specify the full path of the idutils ID database. Using
      .cocciconfig is possible, however given the order of precedence followed
      by Coccinelle, and since the kernel now carries its own .cocciconfig,
      you will need to use SPFLAGS to use idutils if desired.
      o Recommend upgrade for using idutils with coccinelle due to some
        recent fixes.
      o Refer to using --print-options-only for testing what options are
        picked up by .cocciconfig reading.
      o Expand commit log considerably explaining *why* .cocconfig from
        two precedence rules are used when using coccicheck, and how to
        properly override these if needed.
      o Expand Documentation/coccinelle.txt
      v3: Expand commit log a bit more
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuis R. Rodriguez <mcgrof@kernel.org>
      Acked-by: default avatarJulia Lawall <julia.lawall@lip6.fr>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMichal Marek <mmarek@suse.com>