Commit 3a604b0e authored by Enrico Scholz's avatar Enrico Scholz

media:mx6s_capture: copy whole format information in S_FMT

makes G_FMT to return information set by S_FMT
Signed-off-by: Enrico Scholz's avatarEnrico Scholz <>
parent 5492728b
......@@ -1507,10 +1507,7 @@ static int mx6s_vidioc_s_fmt_vid_cap(struct file *file, void *priv,
csi_dev->fmt = format_by_fourcc(f->fmt.pix.pixelformat);
csi_dev->mbus_code = csi_dev->fmt->mbus_code;
csi_dev->pix.width = f->fmt.pix.width;
csi_dev->pix.height = f->fmt.pix.height;
csi_dev->pix.sizeimage = f->fmt.pix.sizeimage;
csi_dev->pix.field = f->fmt.pix.field;
csi_dev->pix = f->fmt.pix;
csi_dev->type = f->type;
dev_dbg(csi_dev->dev, "set to pixelformat '%4.6s'\n",
(char *)&csi_dev->fmt->name);
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