1. 10 Oct, 2019 1 commit
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      updated submodules · 57046f80
      Enrico Scholz authored
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 da1ae19...da075de (1):
        > barebox: fixed of_camera_selection regression
  2. 24 Sep, 2019 1 commit
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      updated submodules · 728357cb
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      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz 049a25e...2835ef1 (1):
        > Merge branch 'master' into thud-next
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 b263f74...da1ae19 (3):
        > meta-devel: updated kernel base
        > kernel: updated onsemi patches
        > vm016-test: updated to b9c6720
      * sources/meta-phytec aa27c9d...4c6d2ec (4):
        > linux-mainline: imx6: Update recipe version to v4.14.134-phy2
        > barebox: imx6: Update recipe version to v2017.12.0-phy5
        > conf: machine: remove SUPPORTEDIMAGE variable
        > machine: phycore-imx8-2: use 'include' instead of 'require'
  3. 10 Sep, 2019 1 commit
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      updated submodules · 98c51b18
      Enrico Scholz authored
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz 3188c94...049a25e (2):
        > Revert "elito-devicetree: fixed race with kernel"
        > Merge branch 'master' into thud-next
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 bdd0e46...b263f74 (2):
        > image: added fbcat
        > kernel: updated onsemi patch
      * sources/meta-openembedded 9b3b907f3...2d088d252 (8):
        > postgres: update to 10.10
        > wireshark: Update to 2.6.10 for security fixes.
        > libedit: Add native and nativesdk to BBCLASSEXTEND
        > lua: Security fix for CVE-2019-6706
        > apache2: upgrade 2.4.39 -> 2.4.41
        > apache2: Correct appending to SYSROOT_PREPROCESS_FUNCS
        > apache2: upgrade 2.4.34 -> 2.4.39
        > apache2: set CVE_PRODUCT
      * sources/poky cb26830f76...e694933647 (4):
        > bitbake: tests/fetch: Resolve fetch error in bitbake-selftest
        > YP Docs: Set up the August 2019 date for 2.6.3 release.
        > bitbake: fetch2: show warning when renaming the archive with bad checksum failed
        > bitbake: utils: Fix movefile() exception handling with python3
  4. 02 Sep, 2019 1 commit
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      updated submodules · 4415972b
      Enrico Scholz authored
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 ed5f3df...bdd0e46 (1):
        > kernel: updated patchset
      * sources/meta-phytec 526118c...aa27c9d (25):
        > machine: phycore-imx8-2.conf: fix file permission
        > conf: machine: i.MX8: Enable wifi feature
        > conf: machine: phycore-imx8-2: Use IMAGE_BOOT_FILES variable
        > machine: imx8qm: Add support for phycore-imx8-2
        > scripts: copy_file_by_priority: handle layer without priority
        > scripts: Add specifics for imx8 in our yocto init
        > recipes-bsp: firmware: Add some data to sterling recipe
        > recipes-kernel: Update linux-mainline to 4.19
        > bbu: barebox-targettools not for i.MX8
        > gstreamer-plugins-bad: Enable wayland plugin
        > recipes-kernel: Update linux-mainline_4.9.98-phy5 to *-phy6
        > imx-kobs: reorder flash order to be power cut tolerant
        > machine: Add phyflex-imx6-11
        > linux-mainline: imx6: Update recipe version to v4.14.134-phy1
        > barebox: imx6: Update recipe version to v2017.12.0-phy4
        > barebox_2017.12.0-phy3: Add upstream commit
        > bbu: check release from barebox images
        > recipes-bsp: imx-kobs: clean up output
        > kernel: linux-mainline: imx6: Update recipe version to v4.14.126-phy1
        > kernel/barebox/u-boot: Fix COMPATIBLE_MACHINE expressions
      * sources/meta-yogurt 654135f...d5ccc33 (20):
        > recipes-core: iotedge-daemon: Move to dynamic-layers
        > distro: yogurt-ci: Update linux-mainline to 4.19.y-phy branch
        > packagegroup-hwtools: bbu only for imx6 platforms
        > weston: Do not require input device for startup
        > packagegroup-wifi: Add laird-sterling-etsi and brcm-patchram-plus
        > packagegroup-bluetooth: Add laird-sterling-etsi and brcm-patchram-plus
        > packagegroup-hwtools: add kmsxx
        > kmsxx: update to fix build issue
        > aikit-docker-images: Update to version 0.4.1
        > distro: yogurt-gateway: update RK3288 DISTRO_VERSION
        > Revert "layer: add rust 1.32"
        > recipes-core: iotedge-daemon: Disable systemd service
        > recipes-core: Remove iotedge
        > phytec-initramfs-image: remove busybox-initramfs dependency
        > distro: yogurt-gateway: update RK3288 DISTRO_VERSION
        > README.md: Replace 2nd maintainer s/Wadim Egorov/Norbert Wesp
        > phytec-qtdemo: Update to v1.4 with latest commit
        > packagegroup-hwtools: Add phytool
        > recipes-core: iotedge-daemon: Disable systemd service
        > aikit-docker-images: Add systemd service and container runner
  5. 29 Aug, 2019 2 commits
  6. 13 Aug, 2019 1 commit
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      updated submodules · aad094ec
      Enrico Scholz authored
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz 5cd71bb...3188c94 (8):
        > packagegroup-ci: updated for our changes
        > valgrind: added build fix
        > qemu: backported upstream fix
        > Merge branch 'master' into thud-next
        > Merge branch 'master' into thud-next
        > Merge branch 'master' into thud-next
        > Merge branch 'master' into thud-next
        > Merge branch 'master' into thud-next
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 0952362...ed5f3df (5):
        > kernel: updated onsemi patch
        > kernel: regenerated patchsets
        > elito-decode-definitions: removed fixup patch
        > elito-decode-registers: removed; in upstream now
        > devel: improved patchset generation
      * sources/poky a358cc2010...cb26830f76 (51):
        > build-appliance-image: Update to thud head revision
        > poky.conf: Bump version for 2.6.3 thud release
        > expat: fix CVE-2018-20843
        > libcroco: fix CVE-2017-7961
        > ghostscript: Fix 3 CVEs
        > bzip2: fix CVE-2019-12900
        > libarchive: integrate security fixes
        > gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: fix CVE-2019-9928
        > libsdl: CVE fixes
        > OpkgPM: use --add-ignore-recommends to process BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS
        > opkg: add --ignore-recommends flag
        > scripts: Remove deprecated imp module usage
        > uboot-sign.bbclass: Remove tab indentations in python code
        > glib: Security fix for CVE-2019-9633
        > qemu: Security fixes CVE-2018-20815 CVE-2019-9824
        > glibc: backport CVE fixes
        > lighttpd: fix CVE-2019-11072
        > uninative: Update to 2.6 release
        > uninative: Switch from bz2 to xz
        > yocto-uninative: Update to 2.5 release
  7. 10 Jul, 2019 1 commit
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      updated submodules · 5a62e6fc
      Enrico Scholz authored
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 cc5dfec...0952362 (1):
        > kernel: moved 4.14.93 to _xtra
  8. 03 Jul, 2019 3 commits
  9. 18 Jun, 2019 4 commits
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      updated submodules · 849efc13
      Enrico Scholz authored
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 31044d9...f308428 (3):
        > fixup! kernel: updated patchset
        > fixup! barebox: added config-expansions
        > barebox: moved 'net' boot selection into -devel layer
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      updated submodules · f173df2d
      Enrico Scholz authored
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 5535051...31044d9 (1):
        > Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab/thud' into thud-next
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      updated submodules · b4e926f9
      Enrico Scholz authored
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz 5302b73...f080233 (4):
        > Merge branch 'master-next' into thud-next
        > Merge branch 'master-next' into thud-next
        > Merge branch 'master-next' into HEAD
        > Merge branch 'master-next' into thud-next
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 7819fc7...5535051 (26):
        > devel: added patchset generation scripts
        > devel: enabled ccache for barebox
        > Revert "barebox: added 2019.01 recipe"
        > barebox: added 2019.01 recipe
        > barebox: added of_camera_selection patch
        > barebox: added config-expansions
        > barebox: initial checkin of local setup
        > dtree: disabled our tree
        > dtree: updated _scratch.mk
        > dtree: use dtree from vm016 kernel
        > dtree: use reg_vcc_camX instead of dedicated regulators
        > dtree: updated thermal zone setup for vm016
        > dtree: added onsemi,slew-rate-XXX attributes
        > image: added vm016-test
        > vm016-test: updated
        > vm016-test: initial checkin
        > decode-definitions: updated
        > decode-ar0144: replaced by elito-decode-*
        > decode-ar0144: updated to 1fc2461
        > decode-ar0144: fixed URI_PROJECT_BASE rewrite
      * sources/meta-openembedded 4cd3a39f2...9b3b907f3 (7):
        > netkit-rsh: add tag to CVE patch
        > netkit-rsh: security fixes
        > netkit-rsh: don't build under musl
        > ccid: fix SRC_URI
        > mariadb: update to 5.5.64
        > ntp: upgrade 4.2.8p12 -> 4.2.8p13
        > cpupower: remove LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
      * sources/meta-phytec 4006d59...526118c (16):
        > barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy4
        > barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy3
        > linux-dummy.bbappend: remove append
        > i.mx6: barebox: add support for secure boot
        > barebox: add support for secure boot
        > class: add creation of fit-image for secure boot
        > recipes-devtools: add nxp cst tool for signing barebox
        > phylib: add poky version meta info
        > phylib: optimize runtime
        > recipes-bsp: barebox: Update tag to v2018.11.0-phy3
        > local.conf: enable git shallow clones
        > firmware-imx: add protection against version conflict
        > phyboard-wega-r2-am335x-1: remove sdk from SUPPORTEDIMAGE
        > libgbm: provide virtual/libgbm for easy switching b/w providers
        > libgbm: fix undefined minor/major symbols with new glibc
        > libgbm: cleanup (upstream)
      * sources/meta-qt5 0630018...1520d5b (1):
        > qtbase: Fix build with recent oe-core/pseudo on hosts with glibc >= 2.28
      * sources/meta-yogurt 80e89e1...654135f (16):
        > gitignore: add pycache
        > app-container: aidemo-customvision-model
        > recipes-examples: predict: add recipe
        > machine: add machines for defining user space ABIs
        > upm: update to v2.0.0
        > distro: common: clean up version string
        > distro: add distro yogurt-secure
        > fitimage: example for FIT-Image creation
        > scripts: creation of keys for signing of barebox and FIT-Image
        > class: add secureboot class for activation and configuration the secureboot implementation
        > layer.conf: add secureboot class to the layer
        > distro: yogurt: remove wayland from DISTRO_FEATURES for imx6ul
        > yogurt-gateway: fix release name
        > tuxracer: fix dependencies
        > aikit-docker-images: fix some more qa warnings
        > recipes-support: Preinstall Docker images for IoT Edge image
      * sources/poky 50f33d3bfe...a358cc2010 (68):
        > bitbake: bitbake: cooker: Rename __depends in all multiconfigs
        > bitbake: toaster: Fix Thud Bitbake release metadata
        > core-image-sato-sdk-ptest: Tweak size to stay within 4GB limit
        > core-image-sato-sdk-ptest: Try and keep image below 4GB limit
        > wic/bootimg-efi: replace hardcoded volume name with label
        > resulttool: Add option to dump all ptest logs
        > wic: change expand behaviour to match docs
        > recipetool: fix unbound variable when fixed SRCREV can't be found
        > resulttool/manualexecution: Enable test case configuration option
        > resultool/resultutils: Fix module import error
        > resulttool: Add log subcommand
        > resulttool: Load results from URL
        > resulttool/manualexecution: Refactor and remove duplicate code
        > resulttool/manualexecution: Enable creation of configuration option file
        > oeqa/targetcontrol.py: fix qemuparams not work in runqemu with launch_cmd
        > oeqa/target/ssh: Replace suggogatepass with ignoring errors
        > oeqa/sdk: use bash to execute SDK test commands
        > oeqa/concurrenttest: Patch subunit module to handle classSetup failures
        > oeqa/runner: Fix subunit setupClass/setupModule failure handling
        > oeqa/core/runner: Handle unexpectedSucesses
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      CI: updated to recent template · 7a8f5b56
      Enrico Scholz authored
  10. 10 May, 2019 13 commits
  11. 09 May, 2019 12 commits
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      updated submodules · 90f24059
      Enrico Scholz authored
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz 6c1e2ec...5302b73 (4):
        > valgrind: added build fix
        > decodeurl: added debugging
        > decodeurl: work with more schemes
        > buildvars: export more variables
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 ac7a107...7819fc7 (12):
        > image: added vm016-test
        > vm016-test: initial checkin
        > decode-ar0144: updated to 1fc2461
        > decode-ar0144: fixed URI_PROJECT_BASE rewrite
        > kernel: enabled vm016 debugging
        > kernel: updated onsemi patch
        > kernel: updated to 4.14.93
        > dtree: added thermal zone setup for vm016
        > dtree: updated/fixed link-frequencies
        > meta-devel: initial checkin
        > misc: moved development features into meta-devel
        > layer: updated to thud
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      CI: fixed assemble job · 4c232d81
      Enrico Scholz authored
    • Enrico Scholz's avatar
      CI: build the fedora SDK · f0c96f82
      Enrico Scholz authored
    • Enrico Scholz's avatar
      local: added local layer setup · 776dc4d3
      Enrico Scholz authored
    • Enrico Scholz's avatar
      local: cleaned up · 991e5e41
      Enrico Scholz authored
    • Enrico Scholz's avatar
      local: fixed include path · be1f4eff
      Enrico Scholz authored
    • Enrico Scholz's avatar
      local.conf: set URI_PROJECT_BASE · 480492f5
      Enrico Scholz authored
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    • Enrico Scholz's avatar
    • Enrico Scholz's avatar
      CI: removed environment · dfdca2de
      Enrico Scholz authored
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      CI: use full qualified image names · fab23b1a
      Enrico Scholz authored
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      updated submodules · 5fb71894
      Enrico Scholz authored
      * sources/de.sigma-chemnitz ae48ffc...83886a4 (11):
        > decodeurl: added debugging
        > decodeurl: work with more schemes
        > buildvars: export more variables
        > elito-devicetree: allow to set DTC_CPPFLAGS
        > elito-devicetree: enhanced VPATH build capabilities
        > copytree: further python3 fixes
        > copytree: workaround python3 unicode madness
        > elito-kconfig: added sanity checks to savedefconfig
        > elito-kconfig: ensure that elways cfg fragment ist given
        > fixup! elito-uridecode: initial checkin
        > elito-image: allow to override cfg dir
      * sources/meta-openembedded 2bb21ef...8760fac (7):
        > wireshark: 2.4.8 src moved to all-versions
        > sblim-sfc-common: use official SPDX license for EPL
        > rygel: Update license to LGPLv2.1
        > postgresql: update to 9.4.20
        > boinc: refresh patches
        > tbb: check the version of the cross gcc instead of host gcc
        > xmlstarlet: Disable PARALLEL_MAKE (again)
      * sources/meta-phytec f31b0bb...9b46061 (97):
        > barebox: imx6ul: Reduce CMA size for low cost Segin
        > machine: imx6ul: Add SDK build hook for i.MX 6UL/ULL Kit
        > barebox: imx6ul: env: boot: net: Replace bootargs-ip by ip_route_get
        > barebox: imx6ul: Add linux devname to eth0 settings
        > local.conf.sample: changed mechanism to add qt widgets
        > barebox: Set DEFAULT_PREFERENCE to "-1" for master
        > linux-mainline: Use -phy ending for the 4.14.y recipe
        > barebox: add bison and flex build dependencies
        > recipes-kernel: Set DEFAULT_PREFERENCE to "-1" for 4.14.y
        > recipes-kernel: Add linux-mainline 4.14.y recipe
        > recipes-bsp: barebox: Add recipe for master (upstream)
        > scripts: switch_machine: Fallback to UNASSIGNED for emtpy build list
        > linux-mainline: fix COMPATIBLE_MACHINE variable
        > linux-mainline: fix COMPATIBLE_MACHINE variable
        > machine: am335x: Add SDK build hook for AM335x Kits
        > wic-helper: strip vendor prefix off dtb filenames
        > wic-helper: use KERNEL_IMAGETYPE instead of zImage
        > barebox: fix COMPATIBLE_MACHINE variable
        > machine: rk3288: Remove SUPPORTEDIMAGE for phycore-rk3288-3.conf
        > barebox: set ARCH=arm for aarch64
        > recipes-bsp: barebox: imx6ul: Add environment support for RAUC
        > recipes-bsp: barebox: imx6ul: Add camera options to environment
        > conf: machines: phyboard-segin: Switch to new barebox name scheme
        > conf: machines: Add machine phyboard-segin-imx6ul-7
        > barebox: imx6ul: Remove regulators node from device tree fixups
        > barebox: imx6ul: Fix peb-eval-01 expansion in barebox env
        > recipes-kernel: imx6ul: Update recipe to v4.14.93-phy2
        > barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy2
        > Revert "graphics: mesa - add git version optionally"
        > scripts: Add specifics for imx8 in our yocto init
        > recipes-kernel: am335x: Update recipe to v4.14.78-rt47-phy4/v4.14.78-phy4
        > recipes-bsp: barebox-targettools: Remove Wl prefix from LDFLAGS
        > barebox.inc: Fix build of barebox-targettools
        > barebox: hosttools-native: Remove unused TARGETCFLAGS
        > conf machine: phyimx6.inc replace deprecated SERIAL_CONSOLE
        > barebox: clean up environment
        > recipes-bsp: imx-kobs: Add barebox compatible slot switch feature
        > recipes-bsp: imx-kobs: add imx-kobs recipe
        > bbu: add suppport for imx cpus via imx-kobs
        > conf machine: add machineoverwrite for imx family
        > kernel: linux-mainline: Update kernel recipe to v4.9.89-phy2
        > qt5: imx6ul: Use software renderer of QT5
        > conf: machines: phyboard-segin: Switch to new device tree name scheme
        > conf: machines: Add machine phyboard-segin-imx6ul-6
        > conf: machines: imx6ul: Add machines to supported builds
        > recipes-kernel: imx6ul: Update recipe to v4.14.93-phy1
        > recipes-kernel: imx6ul: Add missing phyboard-segin-imx6ul-5 compatible
        > recipes-bsp: barebox: Clean up barebox environment
        > recipes-bsp: barebox: imx6ul: Fix leading zeros in dt node addresses
        > conf: machines: Update barebox image for phyboard-segin-imx6ul-3
        > barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy1
        > graphics: wayland: fix i.MX8 weston build
        > kconfig.bbclass: fix file origin for .cfg files
        > linux-mainline: Remove NL80211_TESTMODE from debugging.cfg
        > recipes-bsp: barebox: Update tag to v2018.11.0-phy2
        > recipes-bsp: barebox_2018.11.0-phy1.bb: AM335x: Update init_flash_from_tftp
        > recipes-bsp: barebox_2018.11.0-phy1.bb: AM335x: Update create_nand_partitions
        > recipes-kernel: am335x: Update recipe to v4.14.78-rt47-phy3/v4.14.78-phy3
        > recipes-devtools: serial-test: Update to latest master
        > recipes-devtools: Add rs485test tool
        > scripts: switch_machine: use supported_configs
        > scripts: phylib: add supported_configs
        > mali-t760-libs: Update gbm.h
        > recipes-kernel: bootlogo
        > machine: rk3288: Use yogurt-wayland DISTRO
        > recipes-kernel: linux-common: devicetree fixup for devtool
        > ti-sgx-ddk-um: Update latest changes for v4.14 kernel
        > ti-sgx-ddk-km: Add fix for unloading pvr module
        > wic: Add production image for phycore-emmc-am335x
        > linux-mainline: am335x-cm3.cfg: Load WKUP_M3_RPROC as module
        > ti-sgx-ddk-um: Update for v4.14 Kernel
        > recipes-bsp: ti-sgx-km: Update to newest version
        > linux-mainline: am335x: Update support to v4.14.78
        > barebox: v2018.11.0-phy1: Change ethernet config
        > barebox: AM335x: Update bootloader to v2018.11.0-phy1
        < conf: machine: Update articlenumbers of AM335x machines
        < conf: machine: Remove SUPPORTEDIMAGE of phycore-am335x-2
        < conf: machine: Remove phyboard-regor-r2-am335x-1
        > conf: machine: Update articlenumbers of AM335x machines
        > conf: machine: Remove SUPPORTEDIMAGE of phycore-am335x-2
        > conf: machine: Remove phyboard-regor-r2-am335x-1
        < bbu: Introduce the barebox update script for the userspace
        > bbu: Introduce the barebox update script for the userspace
        > machines: phyimx6ul: Make imx6ul independent from imx6
        > am335x: Remove machine phyboard-wega-am335x-4
        > am335x: Rename linuximage to zImage
        < machines: phyimx6ul: Make imx6ul independent from imx6
        < am335x: Remove machine phyboard-wega-am335x-4
        < am335x: Rename linuximage to zImage
        < bootlogo.inc: various fixes
        < kernel: remove duplicate compatible machines
        < barebox: remove duplicate compatible machines
        > bootlogo.inc: various fixes
        > kernel: remove duplicate compatible machines
        > barebox: remove duplicate compatible machines
        < recipes-kernel: linux-mainline: 4.9.98-rt76-phy1: fix deprecated base_conditional
        > recipes-kernel: linux-mainline: 4.9.98-rt76-phy1: fix deprecated base_conditional
      * sources/meta-qt5 d0ef3c0...d4e7f73 (1):
        > qtbase-native: disable postgresql support
      * sources/meta-yogurt 4871fe6...a9e97aa (69):
        > distro: yogurt-vendor: add DISTRO_FEATURE pam
        > systemd: add logind to package defaults
        > python3-multidict: fix build
        > conf: disto: Add distro version for i.MX8M
        > qtbase: add widgets to PACKAGECONFIG_DEFAULT
        > packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-target: copy recipe to our layer
        > phytec-qtdemo: Fix LED config for imx6ul
        > distro: yogurt-ci: Use AUTOREV for barebox and linux
        > distro: yogurt-ci: Add barebox master selection
        > systemd: implement roothomedir build option
        > connman: add config to fix default ip
        > systemd: update package defaults
        > distro: Update AM335x DISTRO_VERSION
        > qt5: toolchain-target: remove not buildable qtcharts-qmlplugins
        > distro: imx6ul rc1: fix naming scheme
        > php: remove append
        > distro: yogurt.conf: remove opengl from DISTRO_FEATURES
        > BSP-Yocto-i.MX6UL-PD19.1.0-rc1
        > rauc: imx6ul: Add system_emmc.conf
        > v4l2-c-examples: Update imx6ul version to v2.1
        > phytec-gstreamer-examples: Update imx6ul version to v2.1
        > packagegroup-hwtools: Add mmdc only for mx6
        > qt5: toolchain-target: remove not buildable qtcharts
        > distro: yogurt-vendor.conf: remove wayland from DISTRO_FEATURES_remove
        > distro: Add yogurt-ci
        > bison: fix build on glibc 2.28 hosts
        > cross-localedef-native: fix build on glibc 2.28 hosts
        > distro: Update AM335x DISTRO_VERSION
        > packagegroup-hwtools: add bbu also for imx platforms
        > recipes-qt: qtLauncher: Fix resisitive touch for imx6ul
        > images: Remove openGL depended applications/extensions for imx6ul
        > recipes-core: rauc: Add system_nand.conf for imx6ul
        > recipes-examples: Add v4l2-c-examples v2.0 for imx6ul
        > recipes-multimedia: Add gstreamer-examples v2.0 for imx6ul
        > mraa: fix platform init
        > libftdi: add append
        > confuse: add recipe
        > packagegroup-hwtools: AM335x: Add bbu.sh to image
        > mraa: remove machine restriction for the Mira
        > packagegroup-hwtools: Add libgpiod
        > distro: Update AM335x DISTRO_VERSION
        > qt5-toolchain-target: remove broken / non-existing packages
        > rauc-hawkbit: add missing native dep
        > nodejs: remove append
        > base-files: profile.d: set QT_QPA_EGLFS_INTEGRATION to make qt work on am335x
        > busybox-initramfs: update recipe to 1.27.2
        > packagegroup-hwtools: Add rs485test
        > yogurt.conf: Set PREFERRED_VERSION nodejs
        > mraa: Add missing patches for phyboard MIRA
        > barebox: add initramfs boot scripts
        > phytec-initramfs-image : initramfs image for tests
        > busybox-initramfs: fork from busybox for initramfs
        > swig: Remove backport for swig
        > yogurt.conf: Set PREFERRED_VERSION nodejs mraa upm
        > swig: [backport] Add patch to support Node.js 7+
        > upm: Add recipe for upm v1.7.0
        > mraa: Add recipe for mraa v2.0.0
        < Add imx6ul soc architecture independent from imx6
        < recipes-core: rauc: Only include emmc conf if emmc available
        > Add imx6ul soc architecture independent from imx6
        > recipes-core: rauc: Only include emmc conf if emmc available
        > gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: adding required DEPENDS
        > gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: backporting patch of upstream master branch
        < qtquick1: remove append
        < gstreamer1.0-plugins: move patch to dynamic layer
        < layer: dynamic-layers
        > gstreamer1.0-plugins: move patch to dynamic layer
        > layer: dynamic-layers
        > disto: common: set versions to sumo
      * sources/poky d240b88...5ddf7ff (267):
        > devtool: Split tests into multiple classes
        > oeqa: Default to buffer mode for tests
        > oeqa/selftest/devtool: Ensure dbus is built befoe running test
        > logging: use warning instead warn
        > lib/oe: Fix collections ABCs DeprecationWarning in Python 3.7+
        > wic: use explicit errno import
        > wic/engine: Fix missing parted autobuilder failures
        > wic/engine.py: Load paths from PATH environment variable
        > scripts/lib/wic/engine: Fix cp's target path for ext* filesystems
        > wic: search nonarch STAGING_DATADIR for multilib
        > wic: make engine.py:get_partitions() resilient to parted/dmidecode stderr output
        > scripts/wic: Be consistent about how we call bitbake
        > wic: Support for changing the imager.
        > pkgdata.py: avoid target-sdk-dummy-provides to mess things up
        > resulttool/manualexecution: Refactor and simplify codebase
        > resulttool/manualexecution: Fixed step sorted by integer
        > resulttool/manualexecution: Enable display full steps without press enter
        > resulttool/manualexecution: Standardize input check
        > resulttool: Allow extraction of ptest data
        > resulttool: Allow store to work on single files
        > resulttool: Enable report for single result file
        > oeqa/manual/toaster: updated test id naming
        > oeqa/manual/toaster: transfer manual toaster test cases to oeqa
        > oeqa/manual/kernel-dev.json: test id updated
        > oeqa/manual/compliance-test.json: test id updated and missing test cases added
        > oeqa/manual/bsp-hw.json: test id updated and obsolete test cases removed
        > oeqa/manual/bsp-hw.json: add non-IA tests
        > oeqa/manual/sdk.json: Updated toolchain tarball to core-image-sato
        > oeqa/manual: Add manual runtime 'compliance' testcases to json
        > oeqa/manual/bsp-qemu.json: Update for QEMU_USE_KVM
        > oeqa/manual/build-appliance: Drop test which is already automated
        > oeqa/manual: Remove bitbake-selftest execution
        > oeqa/manual: transfer manual test cases from testopia to oeqa
        > build-appliance-image: Update to sumo head revision
        > oeqa/utils/gitarchive: Handle case where parent is only on origin
        > build-appliance-image: Update to sumo head revision
        > poky.conf: Bump version for 2.5.3 sumo release
        > yocto-uninative: Update to 2.4
        > oe-build-perf-report/gitarchive: Move common useful functions to library
        > scripts/oe-git-archive: Separate out functionality to library function
        > oe-build-perf-report: Fix missing buildstats comparisions
        > oe-build-perf-report: Improve branch comparision handling
        > oe-build-perf-report: Allow commits from different branches
        > oe-build-perf-report: Allow branch without hostname
        > resulttool/manualexecution: To output right test case id
        > resulttool/report: Enable roll-up report for a commit
        > scripts/resulttool: Enable manual result store and regression
        > resulttool/regression: Ensure regressoin results are sorted
        > resulttool/store: Fix missing variable causing testresult corruption
        > resulttool/report: Ensure ptest results are sorted
        > resulttool/report: Ensure test suites with no results show up on the report
        > resulttool/report: Handle missing metadata sections more cleanly
        > resulttool/store: Handle results files for multiple revisions
        > resulttool/resultutils: Avoids tracebacks for missing logs
        > resulttool: Improvements to allow integration to the autobuilder
        > scripts/resulttool: enable manual execution and result creation
        > resulttool: enable merge, store, report and regression analysis
        > lttng-tools: update to 2.9.11
        > lttng-modules: update to 2.10.9
        > lttng-ust: update to 2.10.3
        > coreutils: 8.29: fix native build
        > busybox: backport fix for issues introduced by CVE-2011-5325.patch
        > logrotate.py: restore /etc/logrotate.d/wtmp
        > systemd: fix CVE-2019-6454
        > systemd: fix CVE-2018-6954
        > systemd: Security fix CVE-2018-16866
        > systemd: Security fix CVE-2018-16865
        > systemd: Security fix CVE-2018-16864
        > systemd: fix CVE-2018-15688
        > systemd: fix CVE-2018-15687
        > systemd: fix CVE-2018-15686
        > systemd: Fix typo in root home variable.
        > oeqa/runtime/dnf: Fix test error when static libs are enabled
        > run-postinsts: for dpkg/opkg, do not rely on /etc/*-postinsts
        > ref-manual: Fixed SRC_URI cut-and-paste error.
        > bitbake: COW: Fix StopIteration warning
        > bitbake: utils: add optional callback to edit_bblayers_conf()
        > bitbake: process: Rewrite multiple connection handling
        > bitbake: process: Handle EWOULDBLOCK in socket connect
        > bitbake: process.py: Set socket timeout to 10 seconds
        > bitbake: server/process: Ensure socket has a timeout set
        > bitbake: cooker: Add some timing debug messages to the server startup
        > bitbake: server/process: Increase server startup time delay
        > bitbake: bitbake-diffsigs: Support recursive deps with signature files
        > bitbake: bitbake-diffsigs: Merge with bitbake-dumpsig
        > bitbake: server/process: Show last 60 lines of the log if the server didn't start
        > bitbake: server/process: Show the last 60 log lines, not the last 10
        > bitbake: server/process: print a message when no logfile
        > bitbake: server/process: Make lockfile handling clearer
        > bitbake: layerindex: don't use shell=True when cloning
        > bitbake: fetch: don't use shell=True when listing ar files
        > package_rpm/archiver: Apply bandaid to src.rpm creation
        > archiver/package_rpm: Fix the worst src.rpm generation race
        > libtool-cross: Handle ccache sstate 'infection' issues
        > libtool: Fix patch status tag
        > libtool: Fix problem with libtoolize in multilib installations
        > multilib_script: Add support for multilib scripts
        > image_types: use cpio-native to build cpio images
        > cpio: fix crash when appending to archives
        > oe-selftest: devtool: Support meta being a symbolic link
        > oe-selftest: devtool: avoid parallel races by using temporary copy of core
        > Only add uninative and checksum if inherited uninative class
        > oeqa/utils/httpserver: Rework to avoid hangs and improve logging
        > oeqa/runtime/dnf: Make sure test_dnf_install does not skipped
        > perl: add testdepends for ssh
        > oeqa: rationalise Perl tests
        > oeqa/utils/buildproject: Only clean files if we've done something
        > oeqa/selftest/runqemu: Enable kvm when QEMU_USE_KVM is set
        > oeqa/qemu & runtime: qemu do not need ip input from external
        > oeqa/runtime/cases: Improve dependencies of kernel/gcc/build tests
        > oeqa/runtime/cases: Improve test dependency information
        > oeqa/runtime/python: clean up Python test
        > oeqa/runtime/cases/python: use python 3 rather than python 2
        > runqemu-gen-tapdevs: Allow run --help without sudo
        > runqemu: clean up subprocess usage
        > oeqa/runtime/cases/rpm.py: change to use base-passwd-doc
        > oeqa: replace Alex Kanavin's @intel email address with a personal one
        > oeqa: make it work for multiple users
        > meta/classes/testimage.bbclass: Only validate IMAGE_FSTYPES when is QEMU
        > testimage.bbclass: remove boot parameter systemd.log_target
        > testimage: Add possibility to pass parmeters to qemu
        > testimage: Add support for slirp
        > testimage: Enable autorunning of the package manager testsuites
        > testimage: Further cleanup DEFAULT_TEST_SUITES
        > testimage: Simplfy DEFAULT_TEST_SUITES logic
        > runtime/dnf: Add new dnf test cases
        > kernel: don't assign the build user/host
        > oeqa: Fix for QEMU_USE_KVM
        > patch: reproducibility: Fix host umask leakage
        > scripts/oe-git-archive: fix non-existent key referencing error
        > package.bbclass: fix python unclosed file ResourceWarning
        > package: Rework PACKAGELOCK based upon sstate for do_packagedata
        > testimage.bbclass: fix qemu_use_kvm handling
        > testimage/testsdk/selftest: Avoid platform.distro_identifier deprecation warnings
        > oeqa/utils/qemurunner: set timeout to 60s for run_serial
        > tzdata/tzcode-native: update to 2018i
        > tzcode-native: update to 2018g
        > tzdata: update to 2018g
        > oeqa/utils/qemurunner: Print output when failed to login
        > busybox: Put klogd/syslogd alternative links in syslog package
        > overview-manual, mega-manual: Updated Package Feeds diagram
        > ref-manual: Typo found and fixed.
        > dev-manual: Updated clone and checkout examples.
        > brief-yoctoprojectqs: Updated clone and checkout example.
        > documentation: Updates to support a 2.5.3 release:
        > bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Fixed section head typo
        > brief-yoctoprojectqs, dev-manual: Updated poky clone examples.
        > poky.ent: Updated release date to "January 2019".
        > Documentation: Updated dates for 2.5.2 release.
        > testsdk: Improvements to the json logging
        > testimage: Improvements to the json logging
        > oeqa/selftest/esdk: Fix typo causing test failure
        > default-versions.inc: Make PREFERRED_VERSION_openssl* overwritable
        > oeqa/selftest/esdk: Ensure parent directory exists
        > image-buildinfo,oeqa/selftest/containerimage: Ensure image-buildinfo doesn't break tests
        > oeqa/utils/metadata: Allow to function without the git module
        > oeqa/selftest: Standardize json logging output directory
        > oeqa/selftest: Improvements to the json logging
        > testsdk.bbclass: write testresult to json files
        > testimage.bbclass: write testresult to json files
        > oeqa/selftest/context: write testresult to json files
        > oeqa/runner: Sort the test result output by result class
        > oeqa/runner: Always show a summary of success/fail/error/skip counts
        > oeqa/runtime/ptest: Inject results+logs into stored json results file
        > oeqa/core/runner: write testresult to json files
        > oeqa/core/runner: refactor for OEQA to write json testresult
        > oeqa: Remove xmlrunner
        > oeqa/runner: Simplify code
        > oeqa/core/threaded: Remove in favour of using concurrenttests
        > oeqa/runner: Ensure we don't print misleading results output
        > oeqa/core/runner: Improve test case comparision
        > oeqa/selftest/context: Improve log file handling
        > oeqa/utils/qemurunner.py: Fix python regex warnings
        > oeqa/selftest/context: Replace deprecated imp module usage
        > oeqa/utils/commands: Avoid unclosed file warnings
        > oeqa/loader: Fix deprecation warning
        > oeqa/selftest/esdk: run selftest inside workdir not /tmp
        > oeqa: don't litter /tmp with temporary directories
        > oeqa/utils/qemurunner: Avoid tracebacks on closed files
        > oeqa/selftest/runqemu: Improve testcase failure handling
        > oeqa/oelib/path: don't leak temporary directories
        > oeqa/selftest/buildoptions: Ensure diskmon tests run consistently
        > oeqa/selftest/buildoptions: Improve ccache test
        > oeqa/qemurunner: Remove resource python warnings
        > oeqa/utils/commands: Avoid log message duplication
        > oeqa/utils/qemurunner: Fix python ResourceWarning for unclosed file
        > oeqa/utils/commands: Add extra qemu failure logging
        > oeqa/selftest/buildoptions: Improve ccache test failure output
        > oeqa/selftest/case: Use bb.utils.remove() instead of shutil.remove()
        > oeqa/selftest/signing: Use do_populate_lic target instead of do_package
        > oeqa/selftest/signing: Allow tests not to need gpg on the host
        > oeqa/selftest/signing: Skip tests if gpg isn't found
        > scripts/runqemu: Improve lockfile handling for python with close_fd=True
        > scripts/runqemu: Tidy up lock handling code
        > scripts/runqemu: Replace subprocess.run() for compatibilty
        > documentation: Prepared for 2.5.2 document release
        > bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Added "usehead" parameter.
        > bitbake: main: Don't use print() directly, use logger
        > bitbake: process: Flush key output to logs
        > bitbake: runqueue: Ensure disk monitor is started when no setscene tasks are run
        > bitbake: server/process: Fix ConnectionRefusedError tracebacks
        > bitbake: lib/bb/server: Avoid UnboundLocalError traceback
        > bitbake: server/process: Fix unclosed socket warnings upon server connection refused
        > build-appliance-image: Update to sumo head revision
        > poky.conf: Bump version for 2.5.2 sumo release
        > linux-yocto: update genericx86* SRCREV for 4.14
        > poky.conf: Update the distros we test against on the autobuilder
        > sanity: Add check for WSL
        > busybox: make busybox.links.{suid, nosuid} reproducible
        > shadow: improve reproducibility by hard-coding shell path
        > socat: fix LICENSE
        > gnupg: patch gnupg-native to allow path relocation
        > bitbake: bitbake: toaster: allow OE_ROOT to be provided through environment
        > dhcp: allow for excluding the external bind
        > curl: actually apply latest CVE patches
        > unzip: actually apply CVE-2018-18384
        > oeqa/selftest/recipetool: Fix problems from changing upstream source
        > base.bbclass: avoid 'find -ignore_readdir_race -delete'
        > archiver: Drop unwanted directories
        > meta: Use double colon for chown OWNER:GROUP
        > crosssdk: Remove usage of host flags for cross-compilation
        > pixman: Trim license info extracted from pixman-matrix.c
        > apr-util: Trim license info extracted from apu_version.h
        > apr: Trim license info extracted from apr_lib.h
        > common-licenses: Correct the FreeType license text
        > curl: fix for CVE-2018-16839/CVE-2018-16840/CVE-2018-16842
        > unzip: fix for CVE-2018-18384
        > wic: isoimage-isohybrid: fix UEFI spec breakage
        > selftest/wic: Improve error message for test_fixed_size
        > oeqa/selftest/wic: Ensure initramfs exists for test_iso_image
        > oeqa/selftest/wic: Use a subdir of builddir, not /var/
        > kernel-dev: Updated phrasing for what a "defconfig" file is.
        > oeqa/selftest/runtime_test: Ensure we build/use gnupg-native
        > curl: Include the complete license information
        > curl: CVE-2018-14618
        > apt: update SRC_URI
        > nasm: fix CVE-2018-1000667
        > m4: Workaround gnulib's fseeko.c implementation
        > python: backport patch to fix CVE-2018-14647
        > python: backport patch to fix CVE-2018-1000802
        > python: don't use runtime checks to identify float endianism
        > python: clean up ptest
        > python: update to version 2.7.15
        > linux-yocto/4.14: update to v4.14.76
        > linux-yocto-rt: fixup 4.14 merge issues
        > linux-yocto/4.14: fix beaglebone configuration warnings
        > linux-yocto: enable pci and CRYPTO_DEV_VIRTIO
        > linux-yocto/4.14: update to v4.14.71
        > linux-yocto/4.14: fix kernel configuration audit warnings
        > linux-yocto: tweak RTC configuration
        > linux-yocto: configuration warning fixes
        > linux-yocto-rt: Add paravirt_kvm support for qemux86-64
        > linux-yocto/4.14/4.18: address kernel configuration warnings
        > kernel-yocto/cfg: configuration warning fixes
        > base-files: change permissions on /sys and /proc
        > os-release: move to nonarch_libdir
        > tzdata: update to 2018f
        > tzcode: update to 2018f
        > tzdata: update to 2018e
        > tzcode-native: updatet to 2018e
        > curl: extend CVE_PRODUCT
        > cve-check: Allow multiple entries in CVE_PRODUCT
        > yocto-uninative: Upgrade to verson 2.3 which includes glibc 2.28
        > kernel: specify dependencies for compilation for config tasks
        > valgrind: fix compile ptest failure on mips32
        > valgrind: fix ptest compilation for PowerPC64
        > perl: skip tests that are not useful