Commit 15faa33c authored by Enrico Scholz's avatar Enrico Scholz

updated submodules

* sources/de.sigma-chemnitz f080233...5cd71bb (3):
  > Merge branch 'master' into thud-next
  > Merge branch 'master' into thud-next
  > Merge branch 'master' into thud-next

* sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 f308428...cc5dfec (7):
  > reorganized sources
  > vm016-test: updated
  > kernel: updated patchset
  > barebox: updated patchset
  > elito-decode: added quick hacks
  > image: added bayer plugin
  > gstreamer: enable and ship kms plugin
parent 849efc13
Subproject commit f080233ac293184f386b4d9b65aebaaeec9af835
Subproject commit 5cd71bb4d17dfe743774cd7ffa7591052dc84655
Subproject commit f30842833f776afd5ad2ccbd4a3bbea77d56114d
Subproject commit cc5dfec33c459c24ff8f39c857f9bff10d4061fb
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