Commit b4e926f9 authored by Enrico Scholz's avatar Enrico Scholz

updated submodules

* sources/de.sigma-chemnitz 5302b73...f080233 (4):
  > Merge branch 'master-next' into thud-next
  > Merge branch 'master-next' into thud-next
  > Merge branch 'master-next' into HEAD
  > Merge branch 'master-next' into thud-next

* sources/de.sigma-chemnitz.vm016 7819fc7...5535051 (26):
  > devel: added patchset generation scripts
  > devel: enabled ccache for barebox
  > Revert "barebox: added 2019.01 recipe"
  > barebox: added 2019.01 recipe
  > barebox: added of_camera_selection patch
  > barebox: added config-expansions
  > barebox: initial checkin of local setup
  > dtree: disabled our tree
  > dtree: updated
  > dtree: use dtree from vm016 kernel
  > dtree: use reg_vcc_camX instead of dedicated regulators
  > dtree: updated thermal zone setup for vm016
  > dtree: added onsemi,slew-rate-XXX attributes
  > image: added vm016-test
  > vm016-test: updated
  > vm016-test: initial checkin
  > decode-definitions: updated
  > decode-ar0144: replaced by elito-decode-*
  > decode-ar0144: updated to 1fc2461
  > decode-ar0144: fixed URI_PROJECT_BASE rewrite

* sources/meta-openembedded 4cd3a39f2...9b3b907f3 (7):
  > netkit-rsh: add tag to CVE patch
  > netkit-rsh: security fixes
  > netkit-rsh: don't build under musl
  > ccid: fix SRC_URI
  > mariadb: update to 5.5.64
  > ntp: upgrade 4.2.8p12 -> 4.2.8p13
  > cpupower: remove LIC_FILES_CHKSUM

* sources/meta-phytec 4006d59...526118c (16):
  > barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy4
  > barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy3
  > linux-dummy.bbappend: remove append
  > i.mx6: barebox: add support for secure boot
  > barebox: add support for secure boot
  > class: add creation of fit-image for secure boot
  > recipes-devtools: add nxp cst tool for signing barebox
  > phylib: add poky version meta info
  > phylib: optimize runtime
  > recipes-bsp: barebox: Update tag to v2018.11.0-phy3
  > local.conf: enable git shallow clones
  > firmware-imx: add protection against version conflict
  > phyboard-wega-r2-am335x-1: remove sdk from SUPPORTEDIMAGE
  > libgbm: provide virtual/libgbm for easy switching b/w providers
  > libgbm: fix undefined minor/major symbols with new glibc
  > libgbm: cleanup (upstream)

* sources/meta-qt5 0630018...1520d5b (1):
  > qtbase: Fix build with recent oe-core/pseudo on hosts with glibc >= 2.28

* sources/meta-yogurt 80e89e1...654135f (16):
  > gitignore: add pycache
  > app-container: aidemo-customvision-model
  > recipes-examples: predict: add recipe
  > machine: add machines for defining user space ABIs
  > upm: update to v2.0.0
  > distro: common: clean up version string
  > distro: add distro yogurt-secure
  > fitimage: example for FIT-Image creation
  > scripts: creation of keys for signing of barebox and FIT-Image
  > class: add secureboot class for activation and configuration the secureboot implementation
  > layer.conf: add secureboot class to the layer
  > distro: yogurt: remove wayland from DISTRO_FEATURES for imx6ul
  > yogurt-gateway: fix release name
  > tuxracer: fix dependencies
  > aikit-docker-images: fix some more qa warnings
  > recipes-support: Preinstall Docker images for IoT Edge image

* sources/poky 50f33d3bfe...a358cc2010 (68):
  > bitbake: bitbake: cooker: Rename __depends in all multiconfigs
  > bitbake: toaster: Fix Thud Bitbake release metadata
  > core-image-sato-sdk-ptest: Tweak size to stay within 4GB limit
  > core-image-sato-sdk-ptest: Try and keep image below 4GB limit
  > wic/bootimg-efi: replace hardcoded volume name with label
  > resulttool: Add option to dump all ptest logs
  > wic: change expand behaviour to match docs
  > recipetool: fix unbound variable when fixed SRCREV can't be found
  > resulttool/manualexecution: Enable test case configuration option
  > resultool/resultutils: Fix module import error
  > resulttool: Add log subcommand
  > resulttool: Load results from URL
  > resulttool/manualexecution: Refactor and remove duplicate code
  > resulttool/manualexecution: Enable creation of configuration option file
  > oeqa/ fix qemuparams not work in runqemu with launch_cmd
  > oeqa/target/ssh: Replace suggogatepass with ignoring errors
  > oeqa/sdk: use bash to execute SDK test commands
  > oeqa/concurrenttest: Patch subunit module to handle classSetup failures
  > oeqa/runner: Fix subunit setupClass/setupModule failure handling
  > oeqa/core/runner: Handle unexpectedSucesses
parent 7a8f5b56
Subproject commit 5302b733c02c121c70bb9dcb435ee096839a37b9
Subproject commit f080233ac293184f386b4d9b65aebaaeec9af835
Subproject commit 7819fc7d96a40b539acb7fc5e271f90e02b81df8
Subproject commit 5535051ba278baa50e929f273ff29bbdf120165b
meta-openembedded @ 9b3b907f
Subproject commit 4cd3a39f22a2712bfa8fc657d09fe2c7765a4005
Subproject commit 9b3b907f30b0d5b92d58c7e68289184fda733d3e
meta-phytec @ 526118c7
Subproject commit 4006d59635d28a1c7e9b5926f1ce91305e304b9e
Subproject commit 526118c7393b0914e6c1e4b82fcb0a45b075823b
Subproject commit 0630018c0033c91fddda62a49f59a82ba6ec6850
Subproject commit 1520d5b2b2beec5e1c3209d3178219e93ef08bca
meta-yogurt @ 654135fa
Subproject commit 80e89e1df2daa9ec49512234e19803bafbf2436a
Subproject commit 654135fa3fa4f998d0193a494231de789f56b5fd
poky @ a358cc20
Subproject commit 50f33d3bfebcbfb1538d932fb487cfd789872026
Subproject commit a358cc20104a554d1336fdb80bf39fe8603527ef
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